12th November 2019

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EV Cargo’s Palletforce has continued to drive growth across its membership with its sales team recently announcing it has delivered nearly £5 million of new business revenue for members, across 200 trading accounts over the last 12 months.

At a recent sales conference attended by 100 member representatives, Palletforce confirmed over 100,000 new business pallets had been secured across mainly SME trading accounts. The new business adds significant value for Palletforce members and has been developed and delivered by the network’s field-based business development managers.

Business development managers, employed by Palletforce as part of its member support programme, explore and secure new commercial and revenue opportunities on behalf of members and are an integral part of Palletforce’s ongoing strategy to enable growth for the network’s membership.

In addition to investing across infrastructure, IT and people, Palletforce also provides its members with a global range of high-quality distribution services in partnership with sister EV Cargo companies.

Delegates at the sales conference heard how Palletforce had achieved its highest European growth in the last three years and had secured a high degree of account retention by developing long-term customer relationships.

It was also reported that Palletforce’s double-digit volume growth continued to outperform competitors and was driven by sector-leading technology, quality and service – delivering long-term growth and stability for members. Palletforce recorded record weekly volumes during October, handling 100,000 pallets in a week for the first time.

Member growth was also acknowledged with RG Bassett, Chambers & Cook, Handtrans and Downton Thatcham topping the quarterly sales competition rankings over the last 12 months.

Dave Holland, Palletforce sales and marketing director said: “The strategy of our ongoing investments across the network is to drive growth by developing commercial and long-term revenue opportunities for our members. The Palletforce sales team continues to generate multi-million pound revenues for our members annually and, underpinned by recent class-leading IT including ePOD2 and Alliance Sense, Palletforce delivers long-term stability and marketing-leading growth for member companies.”

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