18th December 2018

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EV Cargo, the UK’s largest privately-owned logistics business, is playing a significant role in delivering Christmas to the UK. Created just last month, after specialist investor EmergeVest consolidated six of its UK logistics businesses, EV Cargo is ensuring the UK retail shelves are well-stocked with a range of consumer items this festive period.

Providing mission-critical supply chain services to a portfolio of great customer and leading brands, EV Cargo is currently delivering impressive amounts of festive food and drinks.

Over 8 million bottles of tonic water, 16 million cans of lager, 3 million bottles of spirits and 1.5 million bottles of wine are currently being delivered by EV Cargo companies every week!

The business also distributes over 7 million Christmas TV guides, 7 million bars of chocolate and 25,000 Christmas trees leading up to the big day.

And a mammoth 2 million ‘pigs in blankets’, 700,000 Yorkshire puddings and 800,000 pots of gravy will be delivered to food retailers during the final frantic three days before Christmas.

EV Cargo manages entire supply chains from logistics management software to freight forwarding and delivery to all postcodes in the UK and, in addition to distribution of festive goods, EV Cargo also imports 800,000 Christmas crackers and 800,000 LED lights.

EV Cargo was created in November by consolidation of Adjuno, Allport Cargo Services, CM Downton, Jigsaw, NFT and Palletforce. Managing supply chains for key food and beverage manufacturers and retailers in the UK, the businesses are reporting festive volumes typically more than 20% higher than normal.

Last week Palletforce experienced record volumes after handling nearly 20,000 pallets at its central SuperHub in a single night.

Adopting a cargo-centric approach, EV Cargo focusses on customer needs across the entire supply chain by bringing together the best people, processes, technology and networks.

Heath Zarin, EV Cargo chief executive, said: “I am proud to report that EV Cargo is playing a significant role in delivering Christmas to the UK. Managing supply chains for some of the world’s leading brands, our mission-critical supply chain services powered by the best people, technology, and innovation will ensure that festive food, beverages and products keep retailers’ shelves stocked during the Christmas period.”

Delivering Christmas

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